Dota 2 The International rise of eSports Betting Online

The word eSport refers to electronic sports. These are mostly aided by the use of electronic systems such as video games. Software that is either entirely computerised or control by man help in mediating the input from either an individual player or an entire team or the output from the game itself. The Dota 2 The International rise of eSports Betting Online, could either be entirely online or offline games, tournaments or competitions. This is an emerging culture that has become popular within a short period of time. eSports, therefore are structured gaming competitions that can be between two individual players or two teams. Examples are but limited to League of legends, Dota 2, World of Tanks and Quake.

Dota 2 The International rise of eSports Betting Online

Just like in any other sporting activities and gambling, eSports have also led people into betting. Hence the term eSport betting. Just like it is the case in other games, betting sports solely rely on two things. One is how much the bettor is willing to use as stakes and the odds that are presented for each betting options. Odds reflect on what a player stands to win depending on the probability of the outcome in general.

eSports Betting

Valve Corporation is the organization that developed the game. The developers also host several annual tournaments one of which is known as Dota 2 International. This was developed before 2011 when the first Dota 2 tournament was held. A total prize in the form of a $1.6 jackpot was set for this particular tournament that took place in Germany. In 2012 the subsequent international competition took place Seattle maintaining the same jackpot.

Dota 2 The International rise of eSports Betting Online
Dota 2 The International rise of eSports Betting Online

By the time the third tournament was taking place, the Valve Corporation had developed an interesting package to the game. This was an interactional and digital compendium that allowed fans to keep track of the tournament and also contribute to the total jackpot. This they could do by buying the compendium. An edge was also brought to the tournament as it differed from just involving the traditional invitation of sixteen teams. The compendium resulted into a $2.8 million jackpot from the additional $1.6 million from the purchases made by fans.

Seattle still hosted the fourth event that did not stop fans from purchasing the compendium and for the first time in the history of eSports betting the jackpot reached $10.9 million. This was superseded by the $18 and $20 plus million that were used as jackpots for the years 2015 and 2016 respectively.

The trend of the increasing prize pool for this game has exceeded the jackpots for other games such as football and super bowling. Together with this comes the rising popularity of eSport betting. Bettors all over the world tend to use Dota 2 – The international to bet more than other betting avenues because of the attractive live odds updates on the favourite win option. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason that attracts a large number of bettors.

Dota 2 Design and Specialties

Valve Corporation did not disappoint both the fans and the modern technology world by their improvement on the first Dota leading to the Dota 2. This resulted in eye appealing graphics and effects of the enemies and players. The fantasy form used helps the players enjoy the different emotions displayed in the game and also experience the game at an almost real level.

Players are in a position to change the physical appearances of the players in the game and they can do this by either buying or winning different levels. Dota 2 – International live sports streaming is therefore not only interesting, fun and exciting but also offers bettors a chance to practice and earn from their betting skills.


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