Dragon Tiger Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy and Win

Bankruptcy. It’s a thing that bettors should and want to avoid for sure in any gambling game for example online casino roulette, blackjack and of course dragon tiger. However, sometimes they do not realize that they spend more money for nothing that leads them to the bankruptcy. Whole casino games have a tendency to make bettors bankrupt, including dragon tiger game. Here are dragon tiger tips to avoid bankruptcy and win.

Dragon Tiger Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy and Win

Dragon Tiger Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy and Win
Dragon Tiger Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy and Win
  • Just Relax

Relax is the key of playing any kinds of betting game, including dragon tiger game. It seems an easy thing to do but sometimes it is not. You cannot bet in a rush, in angry, or even in too excited condition. Those feeling can affect your decision making.

Not only the decision making of which hand that you should choose, but also the amount of money that you should place as the bet. If you are not in relaxing condition, it will be a threat for you. You may lose control and spend all of your money for bet and it will surely lead you to the bankruptcy. Furthermore, the purpose of this game is to make you relax and have some fun, not lead you to another stress situation.

  • Control Your Bank Roll

To avoid bankruptcy, you should manage and control your bank roll well. It does not matter how much money that you have, if you spent it uncontrollable, it will lead you to bankruptcy. Spend your time to count your money and wisely separate some parts.

Use a little amount of money is better than nothing. If you lose it, you will not feel too disappointed. It is different if you spend a lot of money. You can wish for a big amount of money as the payout, if you win. However, if you lose, you will lose that entire big amount of money and of course it will bring to the horror of bankruptcy.

  • Try the Counting Cards

One of the most suggested strategies from pro bettors is counting cards. To do this thing, you should know how many decks of cards that are used in that dragon and tiger game. Usually, the casino uses more than one deck of cards.

You should watch the game from the beginning and take note of every card that has been used. Then, you can predict the cards left and your probability in bet on tiger or dragon. Remember that you should choose which one has the biggest value.

  • Never Bet on Tie

Tie bet is not really a good bet. The chance to get the same value cards on dragon and tiger is almost impossible. The chance still exists but the risk is big enough, so you should consider betting on tie twice. If you are not sure enough with your card, you should avoid the tie bet.

Those dragon tiger tips to avoid bankruptcy and win will really help bettors. Say never and good bye to the bankruptcy and say hello to the winning for sure. They are really worth to try on. Just feel the winning excitement without any worry to the bankruptcy.

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