Most Exciting Betsoft Slot Games with Great Features

What are you looking from online slot game? The excitement, the big jackpot, the good display, or the features? All of those things can be found in these most exciting slot games with great features. Let’s take a look one by one before choosing to play with.

Most Exciting Betsoft Slot Games with Great Features

Most Exciting Betsoft Slot Games with Great Features
Most Exciting Betsoft Slot Games with Great Features
  • The True Sheriff

You will feel the sensation of being a real sheriff in this game with all the symbols such as jail, villain, and horse; and also the desert as the background. This game is one of the exciting slot game that you must try on.

This game has five reels and thirty pay lines. The minimum bet is 0.02 coin. So you can bet in the whole pay lines only with less than one coin. The maximum bet is 150 coins that is for you have a big amount of money in the bank roll.

The True Sheriff online slot game has a lot of bonuses that are beneficial for you. There are bonus rounds, wild symbols, multipliers, free spins, and scatters. Those bonuses will lead you to the bigger jackpot. Let’s go sheriff, get the gold back from the villains.

  • Gladiator

This five reels with 50 pay lines game takes a situation in a gladiator battle. Feel the sensation of being a gladiator and win your life, or in this game your money. With only 0.02 coins you can play this game and try to get all of the jackpots in your hand.

The same with the other online slot game, Gladiator also has a lot of bonuses. It does not have free spin, but it still has bonus rounds, multipliers, scatters, and wild symbol that will make the game more exciting.

  • Lost

Have you ever met a mummy? You can meet a mummy and his treasures here in Lost online slot game. Taking ancient Egypt as the theme this game succeed make bettors play and play it again.

As the same as the previous slot games, Lost is 3D slot game, that will give you a good display, and has five reels but in 30 pay lines. There is no something new in bonuses but it is still beneficial and important in adding your jackpots.

  • Once Upon a Time

This game is really cute because of the fairy tale theme that is taken here. You will see the princess, knights, monster, fairy, and many creatures from the fairy tale. It is like you are inside the story and join those creatures. This game is also 3D so the pictures seems so real.

Like a magic from fairy Godmother, you can get money only by pressing the spin button and start to play. This game is known for the big hit plus the features that will make the big hit bigger.

So, which one do you want to start with? The True Sheriff, Gladiator, Lost, or Once Upon a Time? Is it difficult to choose between the most exciting slot games with great features? Play them all then and feel the different sensation among those games. Happy spinning!

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